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Jan. 18 to 20




CNSMD de Paris
Orchestre de Paris

Florence Delépine studied at the National Conservatory of Tours where she won first prizes for chamber music, deciphering and flute music.


She enters the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris (CNSMDP), where she works with Michel Debost and Pierre-Yves Artaud.


She is awarded the First Prize for Nominated First Chamber Music and the First Prize for Flute. Since 1990, she has been flute solo with the Orchester de Paris. In 1994, she obtained the Certificate of Proficiency as a flute teacher, and returned to the Opéra National de Paris as a flute super-soloist, a position she will leave a year later.


She teaches at the CNSMDP as an assistant to Pierre-Yves Artaud until 2014, then Philippe Bernold.

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