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August 16 to 23, 2021







CRR Aubervilliers - La Courneuve

CMA Paris Centre

Nicolas Jortie was born in Nancy in 1980. Pianist and accompanist by training, he also follows the courses of organ (Jean-Philippe Fetzer) and early music at the Conservatoire de Nancy. Admitted unanimously in 2002 at the National Conservatory of Music of Paris in the class of analysis of Michael Levinas (Prize unanimously), he continues his musicological journey with Rémy Campos and Brigitte Francois-Sappey. He also studied conducting with François-Xavier Roth, composition with Frédéric Durieux, orchestration with Marc-André Dalbavie-disciplines he developed alongside Philippe Leroux and Alain Louvier. Selected in 2009 by the Acanthes center to compose an orchestral piece for the Orchester National de Lorraine, he received the teaching of Hugues Dufourt, Ivan Fedele and Bruno Mantovani.
His pianist activities lead him to perform as a soloist, chamber musician and vocalist. he was choirmaster at the Metz Opera from 2002 to 2004. He participated in the Grand Arcal-Royaumont workshop in 2012 and in the production of the Arcal of Victor Ulmmann's Kaiser von Atlantis in 2013-2014, and the Janacek's cunning little Vixen in 2015, and collaborated as with the Cairn Ensembles, Ars Nova.
Also organist, he is regularly called to collaborate with choirs in a repertoire of sacred music; since 2015 assistant of the factor of the Great Organs of Notre-Dame of Paris and assists in their registrations the invited organists.
As a conductor, he assisted François-Xavier Roth in 2005 in the production of Repons by Pierre Boulez at the Autumn Festival in Warsaw. That same year, he directed Sur Incises by Pierre Boulez in the presence of the composer and received his advice during the executive workshop devoted to him at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris. In 2006, he was selected to lead the Ensemble Intercontemporain during the assistant chef recruitment competition. Very involved in the distribution of new works, he directs the creations of many composers of his generation, as well as composers such as Pierre Boulez, Philippe Hurel and Gerard Pesson, and has directed specialized ensembles such as Smash (Salamanqua), Multilateral, Links . In 2018 he directed Antonin Servillère's Radio-France Utinam for the program Creation Mondiale.

His work as a composer is characterized by a harmonic organization that is part of the heritage of organ and chime concoctions. The melodic patterns generated are also amplified according to ancient methods that are rooted in organum and dechant. This technique is amplified by the use of resulting sounds requiring a subtle dynamic balance, so that the multiple layers of polyphony 'unite in a synthetic stamp. The arrangement of the sentences according to polyrhythmic cycles generates a hiccup effect, the melodic contours are projected according to rhythmic permutation phenomena, these stained glass processes bring both variety and unity in a watchmaking at once predictable and upset .
His activities as a composer and orchestrator lead him to perform at festivals (Biarritz, Rostronnant). He has been composer in residence at the Festival des Chapelles de Groix (2012-2015). His recent works have been performed by the Osmoses Quartet, Ensemble Ellipses.
Professor and accompanist in the district conservatories of the City of Paris, holder of the diploma of state of management of instrumental ensembles, he teaches since 2014 the Music Training at the CRR of Aubervilliers-La Courneuve, and directs there contemporary music workshop; and since 2015 teaches keyboard harmony and improvisation at the Conservatoires du Center and the 12th arrondissement.

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